PKClub CrossGym – Helmond | Indoor Cycling

When you’re by yourself it’s hard to truly push yourself as you’re the only one there to keep you accountable. But if you’re in a class at PKClub CrossGym – Helmond then you have the other participants, as well as the teacher, constantly watching over you which will give you more drive. For anyone looking in on a class it almost looks torturous: music blaring through the speakers, an assertive class leader shouting at people to go harder and a group of people sweating buckets from every part of their body. However, once you start you’ll never go back.

Come and join the PKClub CrossGym – Helmond challenging course; can we welcome you soon?

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PKClub CrossGym – Helmond
PKClub CrossGym – Den Bosch
PKClub CrossGym – the Hague
PKClub CrossGym – Hoorn
PKClub CrossGym – Rotterdam
PKClub CrossGym – Malden
PKClub CrossGym – Venlo