PKClub CrossGym is an initiative of Jean Paul Silvester van Horen, who came up with the idea because he had an extreme and innocent one-sided car accident in 2010 (with a deer). As a result, he suffered from a traumatic brain injury, after a coma-period for 9 weeks. He always was an active sportsman; playing fieldhockey (NL-Goalie), skiing, inline skating and other extreme sports. He just really loves adventure. He enjoyed school in Helmond at Jan van Brabant secondary school. There he met this beautiful blond girl Karin; she also practiced inline skating, as a girl (which was very amazing and bizar progressive in the late 20th century) so they immediately had a very nice connection.

Because of his past and his creative brain, he came up with the idea of ​​opening a gym, which is why the gym is called PKClub CrossGym. PK means horsepower (in Dutch PaardenKracht), of course, but also for PaulKarin.

***- This is an old movie, just to show you wich progress you can achieve but you must really want it for yourself. -***